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Shorter Fiction in Contracted Braille - These books are generally less than 100 pages each, are "braille only" (no print or pictures), and are intended for independent readers who prefer shorter books.

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Items 241 - 260 of 345
These extra-low prices are thanks to our 30% off 30th Anniversary Special through 7/31!
Title AuthorSpecial
My America--Westward to Home: Joshua's Diary Patricia Hermes $7.70 Buy It 1145
My Dog, My Hero Betsy Byars, Betsy Duffey, Laurie Myers $4.90 Buy It 1146
My Father's Dragon Ruth Stiles Gannett $5.25 Buy It 1207
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: The Zoo Crew Carolyn Keene $7.35 Buy It 1289
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Ticket Trouble Carolyn Keene $7.00 Buy It 1370
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Valentine's Day Secret Carolyn Keene $6.83 Buy It 1371
Nancy Drew Notebooks #1: The Slumber Party Secret Carolyn Keene $6.65 Buy It 697
Nancy Drew Notebooks #52: Big Worry in Wonderland Carolyn Keene $6.30 Buy It 784
Next Spring an Oriole Gloria Whelan $4.90 Buy It 421
No More Monsters for Me! Peggy Parish $3.15 Buy It 128
Not-So-Weird Emma Sally Warner $8.05 Buy It 1232
Oh No, Noah! Johanna Hurwitz $8.05 Buy It 1233
Old Bones The Wonder Horse Mildred Mastin Pace $9.10 Buy It 605
One Day in the Woods Jean Craighead George $5.25 Buy It 1320
Orp Suzy Kline $8.05 Buy It 699
Our House Pam Conrad $8.05 Buy It 1260
Owls in the Family Farley Mowat $8.93 Buy It 115
Paddle-to-the-Sea Holling Clancy Holling $6.65 Buy It 239
Pee Wee Scouts #6: Peanut-Butter Pilgrims Judy Delton $5.95 Buy It 658
Pleasing the Ghost Sharon Creech $7.35 Buy It 1063
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