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Shorter Fiction in Contracted Braille (in EBAE) - These books are generally less than 100 pages each, are "braille only" (no print or pictures), and are intended for independent readers who prefer shorter books.

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Items 261 - 280 of 313
Title AuthorSpecial
The Cabin Faced West Jean Fritz $12.50 Buy It 492
The Canada Geese Quilt Natalie Kinsy-Warnock $7.00 Buy It 408
The Chalk Box Kid Clyde Robert Bulla $6.50 Buy It 230
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey Susan Wojciechowski $5.50 Buy It 748
The Cookcamp Gary Paulsen $13.00 Buy It 629
The Courage Sarah Noble Alice Dalgliesh $8.00 Buy It 206
The Elevator Family Douglas Evans $9.25 Buy It 1187
The Enormous Crocodile Roald Dahl $5.75 Buy It 171
The Family Under the Bridge Natalie Savage Carlson $13.00 Buy It 1426
The Gumdrop Necklace Phyllis La Farge $7.50 Buy It 103
The Hero of Third Grade Alice DeLaCroix $8.50 Buy It 1190
The House without a Christmas Tree Gail Rock $12.50 Buy It 174
The Iditarod--The Greatest Win Ever Monica Devine $10.25 Buy It 690
The Jacket Andrew Clements $9.00 Buy It 1432
The Jungle Book based on Walt Disney's animated classic $13.00 Buy It 1282
The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class #1: Teacher's Pet Ann M. Martin $9.00 Buy It 1312
The King's Equal Katherine Paterson $6.50 Buy It 695
The Little Mermaid and Other Stories Retold by Sarah Hines Stephens $9.25 Buy It 760
The Littles to the Rescue John Lawrence Peterson $9.50 Buy It 654
The Magic Finger Roald Dahl $6.00 Buy It 1400
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