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Print-and-Braille Books in Contracted Braille - For beginning readers. No pictures, but the Contracted Braille and print words are matched line for line to assist in the learning process.

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Title AuthorSpecial
Shrek the Third: Friends and Foes Adapted by Catherine Hapka $7.00 Buy It 390
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Walt Disney version) $8.00 Buy It 370
Squanto and the First Thanksgiving Joyce K. Kessel $8.25 Buy It 315
Stuart Little: Spooky Surprise Adaptation by Amy Edgar $7.00 Buy It 386
The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings Stan & Jan Berenstain $7.75 Buy It 367
The Best Teacher in Second Grade Katharine Kenah $7.50 Buy It 391
The Big Leaf Pile Adapted by Josephine Page $7.00 Buy It 350
The Bravest Dog Ever--The True Story of Balto Natalie Standiford $8.00 Buy It 333
The Butter Battle Book Dr. Seuss $9.00 Buy It 313
The Care Bears' Party Cookbook Jane O'Connor $9.00 Buy It 316
The Case of the Cat's Meow CrosBonsall $8.50 Buy It 347
The Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss $8.50 Buy It 328
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Dr. Seuss $8.75 Buy It 329
The Drinking Gourd F.N. Monjo $10.00 Buy It 311
The Foundling Fox Irina Korschunow $9.25 Buy It 310
The Frog Prince Edith H. Tarcov $7.50 Buy It 3006
The Headless Horseman adapted by Natalie Standiford $7.75 Buy It 359
The Kissing Hand Audrey Penn $7.00 Buy It 373
The Missing Tooth Joanna Cole $7.50 Buy It 397
The Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg $7.50 Buy It 317
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