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E-Braille Books - Seedlings Braille Books for Children is happy to announce that we are now making some of our largest, most popular books available in an electronic format. We hope this will enable more people to enjoy our bigger books at even lower prices than our hard copy prices. How does it work?
  1. Order an E-Braille Book from the list below (via fax, phone, mail, or through our website) and pay $10. Please be sure to include your email address!
  2. We will email you the Braille file.
  3. You can download it to your Braille-aware device (like a BrailleNote or PAC Mate), or you can emboss a hard copy for your personal reading pleasure.
  4. Please refrain from sharing the file with others.
  5. Please provide us with your feedback. If people find this service useful, we will expand the list of titles we make available in this format.

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Items 1 - 20 of 20
Title AuthorSpecial
A Face First E-Book Priscilla Cummings $10.00 Buy It E1054
A Wrinkle in Time E-Book in UEB M. L'Engle $10.00 Buy It E612
After the Rain E-Book Norma Fox Mazer $10.00 Buy It E668
Artemis Fowl E-Book Eoin Colfer $10.00 Buy It E1018
Bud, Not Buddy E-Book Christopher Paul Curtis $10.00 Buy It E646
Charlie Bone and the Time Twister E-Book Jenny Nimmo $10.00 Buy It E1034
Double Fudge E-book Judy Blume $10.00 Buy It E752
Ella Enchanted E-Book Gail Levine $10.00 Buy It E649
Esperanza Rising E-Book in UEB Pam Munoz Ryan $10.00 Buy It E795
Holes E-Book in UEB Louis Sachar $10.00 Buy It E757
Hoot E-Book Carl Hiaasen $10.00 Buy It E758
Indian in the Cupboard E-Book in UEB Lynne Reid Banks $10.00 Buy It E214
Maniac Magee E-Book in UEB Jerry Spinelli $10.00 Buy It E234
Matilda E-Book in UEB Roald Dahl $10.00 Buy It E235
Midnight for Charlie Bone E-Book Jenny Nimmo $10.00 Buy It E1002
Superfudge E-Book in UEB Judy Blume $10.00 Buy It E177
The Secret Garden E-Book in UEB Frances Hodgson Burnett $10.00 Buy It E767
The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963 E-Book Christopher Paul Curtis $10.00 Buy It E484
Things Not Seen E-Book A. Clements $10.00 Buy It E1049
Where the Red Fern Grows E-Book in UEB Wilson Rawls $10.00 Buy It E738

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