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The Bat Boy & His Violin

by Gavin Curtis
Papa manages one of the worst teams in the Negro Leagues, but then his son's music begins to lead the team to victory! A Coretta Scott King honor book! 14 pages, Ages 7-10

Item Number: 622
Category:Contracted Braille in UEB

Price: $5.00
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Reviews for The Bat Boy & His Violin
5This book has so many themes superimposed on one another, but they are all presented within the context of a wonderful story about a boy who just wanted to play his violin.

Set among the context of the Negro League era, Reginald's father decides one summer to make him bat boy for his team. The team is down on its luck, and Reginald's heart isn't in this assignment, but everything comes together for him and the team one day.

The history of the era as gently portrayed in the travels of the players is presented for young readers. Above all else, the story of Reginald and his journeys with the ball players is a story of hope and triumph among the community in a time that was not always seen as one of hope.


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