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Comments & Quotes

If you have a comment about Seedlings, please contact us with it.

"We would love to have more books, as we have read all the ones we have at least 6 times or more."

"On Sept. 28th, Dade Primary had its first book fair that included braille books. No child at Christmas was as excited as this one student when able to experience her dream come true."

Reading braille books "I was born legally blind. As a child, it was very rare to find children's books for pleasure written in braille. It meant so much to me when I was able to read the exact same books as my classmates."

"We love Seedlings and think the pricing is wonderful.
—Victoria, mother to Alex who is devouring his new box of summer reading from Seedlings that arrived in today's mail."

"Braille literacy is essential to success for children who cannot read print."

"Please know that what you are providing is a valued commodity at our house!"

"My youngest students especially need their own books at home to read over and over. Nothing encourages learning to read quite like having your very own books to snuggle up with Mom or Dad and read together."

"Unfortunately, our students cannot run to the library or bookstore and pick up a book. Seedlings offers such a vital resource for them."

"My daughter is a voracious reader with an insatiable urge for a book in her hands. Your books were the first ones she read herself. They're the ones that are still on her shelves. You have to know that, as a mother, I don't know how to thank you enough for the work that you do."

"My daughter has learned to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE braille. She is excited about being able to read BY HERSELF for her mom and dad and anyone else we can corral. It is empowering and exciting to be able to read!"

"I well remember the scarcity of braille books when I was a child. I came across Charlotte's Web and Trumpet of the Swan in your catalog and I remember teachers reading them to the class, but having my very own copy is something that I didn't even dare to dream about. (I'll probably be ordering both real soon!)"

"Thank you so much for providing my students with encyclopedia articles in braille. My 7th grade student is an excellent reader who has a strong desire to learn as much as possible. She loves reading the articles. She reads and re-reads them."

 My son is an honor roll student in middle school. The availability of books in braille from your organization has played a major role."My daughter, now 17, considered a Seedlings book under the Christmas tree, or for a birthday gift the BEST gift she received!"

"Dear Seedlings, I would like to order some of your print/braille books. I have 2 sighted children and I myself am blind. These books will give us the chance to share the joy of reading like other families. Thank you for this chance."

"The books you have sent to our granddaughter are wonderful! You have enriched her life immeasurably—and the lives of all of us who love her!"

"Thank you for providing my daughter with braille books for summer reading. It is a gift to be able to read independently and enjoy the wonders of the written word. With so much of the material for the blind in audio format, sometimes braille skills decline. Now Michele not only can practice using braille, but also have a collection of her very own books to read and enjoy over and over again."

"There is no greater reward than having access to the great writers of history. Nothing enhances the quality of life like a journey through the pages of a book that stimulates the mind. Offerings that encourage a child to read should be a constant mission."
—Harry Belafonte

"Once I wrote a poem in which I compared the sound of the fingers on a braille page to a rustling garden. A garden indeed—a garden of knowledge, a garden of beauty."
—Dr. William Rowland

"Books remain the foundation for all other learning. Books and reading represent every child's entry ticket into an economic world that otherwise would be inaccessible. I count myself fortunate to have so many opportunities to help so many children "unwrap" the greatest gifts they'll ever receive."
—Lynda Johnson Robb, RIF Chairman

"Reading is the way you bring those little buds in children to life. And unlike flowers, it's something that lasts their whole life through."
—Heath Meriwether, Detroit Free Press

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