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Readers & Volunteers

Adrianna & Evan read with Seedlings' founder and director Debra Bonde
Adrianna & Evan read with Seedlings' founder and director Debra Bonde

Seedlings Celebrates Our Readers  |  Volunteers

We hear such wonderful stories from our readers all over the world that we decided to create a "Celebrate our Readers" page where we can showcase some of the children and families who read our books! As you'll see, braille books are a common theme in these stories, but there is so much more to share! Enjoy!

Katie- Redford, Michigan

18 year old Katie is currently attending James Madison College at Michigan State University, pursuing a Law Degree. Katie's long term goal is to be a civil Court Judge someday.

She enjoys downhill skiing, music and traveling. Her most influential trip was to Normandy. Katie has also traveled to England, Belgium, France, Germany, and this past summer visited Ireland. She was the student Ambassador in 2006 for People to People, an organization that promotes world peace through youth. During her down time, she likes to relax and spend time with her friends and family.

Katie reads in braille as Sue Ward shows the audience the pictures.
Katie reads in braille as Sue Ward shows the audience the pictures.
Katie was first introduced to braille at age two and soon after started enjoying Seedlings' books. Some of Katie's favorite books from Seedlings' are "It's Not Easy Being a Bunny", "The Very Busy Spider" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". She enjoys giving back to organizations that have helped her become the person that she is today. She is heavily involved with Seedlings Braille Books for Children and the Leader Dogs for the Blind. Katie has served as a Student Advisory Member on the Board of Directors at Seedlings for the 2010 year.

This past summer, Katie helped host a Story Time at Barnes and Noble, where she introduced children to the world of braille as she read several stories. The event helped raised awareness about braille and the importance of literacy at a young age to both visually impaired and sighted children. The children particularly enjoyed writing their names in braille with the slate and stylus. Look for Katie in our new Seedlings video coming soon.

Kevin - Farmington Hills, Michigan

A Recipe for dynamite! And recent winner in his age group of the National Braille Challenge!
For an explosion of energy, put Kevin and a dare-devil challenge together, then sit back and watch the fireworks. Kevin faces every situation with a fearless, can-do attitude and enthusiasm.

He entered this world about 11 years ago with cataracts and glaucoma requiring multiple surgeries. As a result, Kevin can only see light, shadows and bright colors but his abilities are as boundless as his energy, confidence and daring.

Kevin has been enjoying braille books from Seedlings since he was 3 years old. Seedlings' print & braille picture books enabled his family to read together as Kevin explored the tactile touch of braille. Kevin progressed to print & braille easy readers and then to braille-only chapter books in no time. Because Seedlings' low-cost books allowed his family to surround Kevin with books in the home...he has become an avid reader, skilled in reading, writing and comprehension of the braille code. In 2004 Kevin was honored as a finalist at the National Braille Challenge in Los Angeles. Kevin's world is limitless with braille! Braille literacy has been key to Kevin's success as a student, but also to his joy as an avid reader.

Kevin scanning new braille book titles
Kevin scanning new titles during a visit to Seedlings hoping to find some exciting new books for summer reading!
Kevin relishes his trips to Seedlings, fingering the books, running his hands over the pages, his passion for reading rekindled by each new book he reads. He orders tons of free Rose Project encyclopedia articles from Seedlings on a variety of topics.

Kevin's favorite genres include biographies and 'scary' stories. He also enjoys books on his favorite school subject, Social Studies. Kevin sails through books on nearly every subject.

After reading for pure pleasure, the list of Kevin's favorite activities looks like a thrill-seekers menu. Scary stories satisfy his mental quest for thrills. From the Magnum Roller Coaster to downhill skiing, to parasailing and just about everything in between, Kevin likes speed and a feeling of free-fall. If Kevin could change the world, he says he would make it so people could fly (like birds not airplane rides).

Kevin proudly demonstrates his techno talents by beating his Mom at video games while chowin' down on his favorite dinner - FAST FOOD- YEAH!

Kevin doesn't stop there with his accomplishments. He sits at the piano and skips through Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and announces his favorite musicians are the rock group Metallica.

Kevin's heroes are Mom, Dad and Kraig (older brother), an eloquent tribute to his family.

To read about some of our wonderful volunteers, click here.

If you would like to celebrate your child on this page, please contact Seedlings at [email protected] or 800-777-8552.
We will need a short narrative or bio about the reader, including how braille has made a difference for them and their family and a digital photo if possible. We will forward the necessary releases giving Seedlings permission to feature your story on this page.

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