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Charlie Bone and the Time Twister E-Book

by Jenny Nimmo
Charlie heads back to Bloor's Academy for another term filled with mystery, magic and time travel! 363 pages, Ages 9-14

Item Number: E1034
Category:E-Braille Books

Price: $10.00
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Reviews for Charlie Bone and the Time Twister E-Book
5If you are into adventures and time travel you will like this book a lot because of time travel and adventure. In January 1916, it's the coldest day of the year when Henry Yewbeam puts on his blue school cape and takes his bag of marbles down to the freezing hall. Halfway through the game, Henry sees a marble rolling toward him. He picks it up. It is full of beautiful colors. Suddenly the walls start fading, the light is going. He feels himself disappearing. Henry writes on the floor, "GIVE THE MARBLES TO JAMES". Then Henry vanishes from the year 1916. Read this book to see what happens next.

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