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picture of The Napping House

The Napping House

by Audrey Wood
You and your child will have a great time reading this fun, lap-sized story together! 32 big cardboard pages, Ages 1-5

Item Number: 936
Category:Print-Braille-and-Picture Books in Contracted Braille

Price: $10.00
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Reviews for The Napping House
5I've been a bookseller, librarian, mother and read-aloud volunteer and this is my absolute favorite children's book for curling up with and reading to a young child. Cumulative, predictable (something young children enjoy) and engaging, The Napping House is terrific. The child in the story could be a boy or a girl. You've got to love the Granny. She's there just snoring, wearing her bed cap, nightgown and stockings (with reinforced toes & heels). She has all of these characters piling up on her and when the bed breaks, instead of looking mad or alarmed, she just looks like she's having a grand time.

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