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The Gift of Reading 2016 -- IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2016!

A free braille book for each visually-impaired child in Michigan!

image of child in Santa hat showing her book to her dog Who is eligible? All visually-impaired children who live in Michigan!
Select a book from the Seedlings catalog and receive it for free!
(limit one book per V-I child and selection is limited by availability)

Thanks to a generous grant from the Detroit Free Press Charities, all Michigan children who are braille-readers pre-braille reader, or possible braille readers can receive one free braille book from Seedlings this holiday season!

Just fill in the form below and submit it before 12-07-16, and we will mail your child's book in early December. Please list the catalog number and title of your child's first-, second- and third-choice books. You can refer to our catalog, or go to Our Books to browse. Once we receive your online registration form, we will send you an email confirmation. Please include your email address on the form so we can acknowledge the receipt of your registration!

Sometimes we receive two registrations for the same child (one from a teacher and one from a parent, for example), in which case we will select and send one of the books listed on one of the registration forms.

If you have any questions or if you need a catalog mailed to you, please call us toll-free at 800-777-8552 or locally at 734-427-8552. Thank you for your help!

It is very important that we receive your registration by 12-07-16 so that we can ship the books as soon as possible. It is a very busy time of year for us and for the post office! The books are shipped "Free Matter for the Blind" and delivery times are unpredictable. Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

The fields marked with an * are required.

 Child's Information
*First Name
*Last Name
*Please ship the book to the child's:
School   Home
(NOTE: We strongly prefer to send the books to the children's homes.
Then we don't need to worry about the school being closed for the holidays!
  If you must use a school address, please be sure to include the school name.)
School Name
(only fill in if we must ship the book there)
*State Michigan   (At this time, the program is limited to children who live in MI .)
*Zip   *Age
NOTE: Be sure to include an email address so we can easily send you other special offers!
 Braille Book Choices (pick 3 from Seedlings' Catalog & we will send one). Please note: Due to limited funds, our 3-volume books are not available for this program.
*1st Choice Book Catalog #   Title
*2nd Choice Book Catalog #   Title
*3rd Choice Book Catalog #   Title
 Person Submitting Form
to child
*Your Phone
NOTE: Be sure to include an email address so we can easily send you other special offers!
*State   *Zip

Yes, please send me emails with updates, news and special offers.

(Please note: To ensure the privacy of our friends and supporters, Seedlings does not rent, sell, or exchange its mailing lists with any organization or individual.)

Please check that all information is correct before submitting.
Don't delay! Register TODAY!

Please solve this easy math problem to show that you are a human, not a computer: 3 - 3 ?

Your child's book will be shipped FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND by early December. If you have any questions, please call Seedlings at 800-777-8552 or 734-427-8552.

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The Rose Project | The Book Angel Program

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