Other Ways to Give

Interested in supporting Seedlings in other ways? Explore more options below:

Sponsor the Launch of a New Title

Seedlings has over 1,100 titles in its catalog, but there is much more to be done. Supporters can help by donating $1,000 to sponsor the launch of a new title. Please contact us for a list of books from which to choose. Each copy of the book you select will carry your name or tribute on the title page. Donate now

Sponsor the Conversion of a Title to the New Braille Code (UEB)

Seedlings began converting books to the new braille code, called UEB, when it was adopted by the United States in 2016. Supporters can help by donating $500 to sponsor the conversion of one of our titles into the new code. We are a leading manufacturer of children’s books in UEB, due to our transcribers’ hard work and our donors’ generous support! Donate now

Adopt-a-Reader Program

The Adopt-a-Reader program gives our donors a personal connection to our readers. Your $100 donation will give a child with vision loss 10 FREE braille books of their choice. Upon being matched with a child, you will receive a photo and short bio of the child. Donate now

CFC Government Employees Payroll Deductions for Charity

Seedlings has been screened and selected as one of America’s Best Charities. Government employees can donate to Seedlings (CFC# 11825) through payroll deductions.

Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars

Are you a Thrivent member? If so, you can select Seedlings each year as the recipient of your Choice Dollars®! We will use your donation to make more braille books available for blind children and their families.

Amazon Wish List

Consider supporting our mission by purchasing some of the items from our wish list for our everyday office use. Please include a note within your Amazon order with your name and contact information so we can thank you.

Kroger Community Rewards

You can raise money for Seedlings when you grocery shop at Kroger! When you register, please select Seedlings as your nonprofit organization (NPO# DF636).

DIY Fundraising

Use your unique talents to help raise money for Seedlings! Fundraise your way—anytime and anywhere! DIY fundraisers can come in many forms, like Facebook fundraisers, casual office days, special events, yard sales, shower or wedding gifts, and lemonade stands. The possibilities are endless! Great creative, utilize your skills, engage your network, and support Seedlings while having some fun!

If you have questions about any of these ways to support Seedlings, please contact us.

Photo of 12 year old girls sitting on a yellow chair reading a braille book.

Princess Eleanor, 12

“You are the best group of people that has given me an opportunity to read. I’m truly grateful.”